Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marine Corps celebrates 235th birthday

Marine Corps celebrates 235th birthday as the USMC is born on 1775.Though the USMC is the smallest branch of the US Army forces but its importance is much. Throughout the world the Marine Corps celebrates the 235th birthday with the help of cake tradition.The US Marine Corps Logo birthday cake been taken by the Oldest US member and then its been handed over to the younger staff.On November10th, 1775,a resolution about the upraise of two battalions of Marines been passed by the continental congress. These Marine corps are very famous for their service both in soil and sea with their first attack on the Bahamas in the year 1976 under the commands of Captain Samuel Nicholas .

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Charlyne Yi in Conan show

The T0day’s Conan show is featuring Charlyne Yi,with Jon Hamm and Fistful of Mercy.Now lets know who is Charlyne Yi as many of you may be unware of her .
Charlyne is a multi-talented young woman in today’s media world . She even acts, sings, makes music, paints, and writes. Her screenplay, Paper Hearts, won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award in the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. In that story, she portrayed a fictionalized version of herself. She wrote about her ex-boyfriend, Michael Cera, in that film, too.
Charlyne’s love for music is evident in her being a member of the band Old Lumps, with Jessica Cowley and Dave Horwitz. She also used to be a member of the musical duo Glass Beef.
Charlyne’s guesting in Conan later today will certainly mean a lot for the show’s followers. Considered as one of the really talented in show business today, Charlyne will bring in more fun for the show.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule

Group A Match Date - Time Venue Results

1 11/06 16:00 Johannesburg - JSC South Africa 1:1 Mexico

2 11/06 20:30 Cape Town Uruguay 0:0 France

17 16/06 20:30 Tshwane/Pretoria South Africa vs Uruguay

18 17/06 20:30 Polokwane France vs Mexico

33 22/06 16:00 Rustenburg Mexico vs Uruguay

34 22/06 16:00 Mangaung/Bloemfontein France vs South Africa

Group B Match Date - Time Venue Results

3 12/06 16:00 Johannesburg - JEP Argentina 1:0 Nigeria

4 12/06 13:30 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Korea Republic 2:0 Greece

19 17/06 16:00 Mangaung/Bloemfontein Greece vs Nigeria

20 17/06 13:30 Johannesburg - JSC Argentina vs Korea Republic

35 22/06 20:30 Durban Nigeria vs Korea Republic

36 22/06 20:30 Polokwane Greece vs Argentina

Group C Match Date - Time Venue Results

5 12/06 20:30 Rustenburg England 1:1 USA

6 13/06 13:30 Polokwane Algeria vs Slovenia

22 18/06 16:00 Johannesburg - JEP Slovenia vs USA

23 18/06 20:30 Cape Town England vs Algeria

37 23/06 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Slovenia vs England

38 23/06 16:00 Tshwane/Pretoria USA vs Algeria

Group D Match Date - Time Venue Results

7 13/06 20:30 Durban Germany vs Australia

8 13/06 16:00 Tshwane/Pretoria Serbia vs Ghana

21 18/06 13:30 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Germany vs Serbia

24 19/06 16:00 Rustenburg Ghana vs Australia

39 23/06 20:30 Johannesburg - JSC Ghana Background vs Germany

40 23/06 20:30 Nelspruit Australia vs Serbia

Group E Match Date - Time Venue Results

9 14/06 13:30 Johannesburg - JSC Netherlands vs Denmark

10 14/06 16:00 Mangaung/Bloemfontein Japan vs Cameroon

25 19/06 13:30 Durban Netherlands vs Japan

26 19/06 20:30 Tshwane/Pretoria Cameroon vs Denmark

43 24/06 20:30 Rustenburg Denmark vs Japan

44 24/06 20:30 Cape Town Cameroon vs Netherlands

Group F Match Date - Time Venue Results

11 14/06 20:30 Cape Town Italy vs Paraguay

12 15/06 13:30 Rustenburg New Zealand vs Slovakia

27 20/06 13:30 Mangaung/Bloemfontein Slovakia va Paraguay

28 20/06 16:00 Nelspruit Italy va New Zealand

41 24/06 16:00 Johannesburg - JEP Slovakia vs Italy

42 24/06 16:00 Polokwane Paraguay vs New Zealand

Group G Match Date - Time Venue Results

13 15/06 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Côte d'Ivoire vs Portugal

14 15/06 20:30 Johannesburg - JEP Brazil vs Korea DPR

29 20/06 20:30 Johannesburg - JSC Brazil vs Côte d'Ivoire

30 21/06 13:30 Cape Town Portugal vs Korea DPR

45 25/06 16:00 Durban Portugal vs Brazil

46 25/06 16:00 Nelspruit Korea DPR vs Côte d'Ivoire

Group H Match Date - Time Venue Results

15 16/06 13:30 Nelspruit Honduras vs Chile

16 16/06 16:00 Durban Spain vs Switzerland

31 21/06 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Chile vs Switzerland

32 21/06 20:30 Johannesburg - JEP Spain vs Honduras

47 25/06 20:30 Tshwane/Pretoria Chile vs Spain

48 25/06 20:30 Mangaung/Bloemfontein Switzerland vs Honduras

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pakistani Mosque under attack, about 45 people dead.

The deadly Taliban militants carrying automatic rifles and grenades attacked two mosques of a minority religious place in the eastern part of Pakistan Friday, killing at least 45 people and took a number of worshippers hostage ,specially the men.
Thousands of worshipers in the mosque was that time . Everyone was running for his safety,the Women and Children set free.
According to Geo TV ,Many claiming that the Punjab branch of the Pakistan Taliban, known as the Tehrik-e-Taliban, claims responsibility behind the attack,
The two Pakistan mosques attacked during the Friday prayers which belong to the Ahmadi section. The dominant Sunni branch of Islam grop in Pakistan have targeted Ahmadis before also. Pakistan's constitution, too also not included Ahmadis as Muslims.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sandra Bullock And Jesse James Scandal Story - Updated

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock and her Husband Jesse James Scandal story is really a special one and will remain remembered for ever.Jesse James was reportedly having affair for eleven months with a hot tatooed model Michelle Bombshell Mcgee and the sudden flash of the affair report just stormed off the relationship between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.Its been reported that the tatooed model Michelle Bombshell McGee been given $30,000 to leak the affair news to the media.

Michelle Bombshell Mcgee was discovered in a nazi Photo shot by the TMZ with swastika armband,her ex husband also clarify the fact that Michelle McGee has a swastika even in her stomach and in her one leg she is having W letter and in the other leg P ,that means White Power.

Now after the Sandra Bullock and her Husband Jesse James Scandal story ,Both of them are not staying under the same roof and Sandra Bullock reportedly left her calfornia home.Its been the latest buzz that both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are looking for Lawyers as they are looking for divorce.Sandra Bullock representative told that famous divorce lawyer Lance Spiegel may handled the divorce case.Jesse James also seeing for his lawyers but he reported that he will not file the divorce paper first,he will see that Sandra Bullock files or not.Then Jesse James will go for his next step.Jesse James was previously divorced with his former wife Janine Lindemulder.Jesse James have full custody of their six years daughter sunny.Now after the split of Sandra and Jesse James ,Janine Lindemulder is going to file legal papers against Jesse James involving their daughter.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Statement Released

Tiger Woods finished and gave his statement which lasted for 13 minutes. In his statement Tiger Woods described his behaviour as irresponsible and selfish.Tiger Woods told that he was unfaithful,he also told that he had affair with several mistress.Tiger Woods told that really he cheated his wife.Tiger Woods told that he is very sorry that he disappointed all his fans.Tiger Woods told that he thought that he can undergo through any rule and wouldnot be caught. Tiger Woods told that to wife Elin he will not apolozige but He will prove by his behaviour.Tiger Woods appeal all his fans to believe in him again.Tiger Woods told that he is going to do further treatment and therapy.Tiger Woods told that he would adopt the Buddhist route.
To the media he says to leave his wife and children,Tiger Woods denied to consume enhanced drugs.He said that Elin never hit him.Tiger Woods apolozised for the deeds to the people who are attached to the foundation.After his brief statement Tiger Woods hugged his mom and other personals present in the media statement.Tiger Woods longtime friend Bryon Bell and PGA tour friend Tim Finchem was present there.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games - Nodar Kumaritashvili died in Luge track training session

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games - Nodar Kumaritashvili died in Luge track training session.Nodar Kumaritashvili was just 21 years old and from Republic of Georgia.During his final round his body hits the track and his body went through the barrier.He was moving at a speed of 90mph.The paramedical forces took atonce to hospital but he was declared dead.This track been already in question marked as previously also many atheletes injured themselves in this track.

Deaths in Olympic is not new , though rare .Some cases are mainly in 1964 Australian Downhill racer man Ross Milne knocked with a tree and a british Luger Kazimierz died during an accident.In 1992 Luger racer Nicholos Bochatay crashed to death.